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Personalised Sports Nutrition (PSN) Online Module 

  • 9-day module ONLINE ONLY


Personalised Sports Nutrition (PSN) is based on a 9-day online-only module which addresses the functional approach to Sports Nutrition.  Justifying personalised nutrition interventions for competitive athletes or sporting individuals who may be training alongside chronic health problems is central to this module.

Sports Nutrition Course Overview

Historically, sports nutrition has focused on the quantity and balance of nutrients consumed in an athlete’s diet, with the aim of striving towards optimum sports performance. Concordant with this aim, the module will study the macro and micro-nutrient requirements for competitive gain, including important considerations such as timings of food and fluid consumption around training exertions and competition.

In addition, the nutritional therapy approach will introduce to students the concepts of functional laboratory assessment of metabolic processes. This may have important implications for the understanding of substrate metabolism, detoxification, free radical pathology, inflammation, signs of over-training and even premature ageing in sporting individuals. Health, incorporating optimum metabolic functioning, is thought to be a pre-requisite for athletes to maximise their sporting performance. The use and abuse of Ergogenic aids and drugs will also be discussed, along with consideration of injury prevention and treatment through nutrition. Supplementation of natural products will be another important consideration within this revised sports nutrition model.

Course Fees 

  • Full Module Access with Assessment: £800
  • Full Module Access without Assessment £500
  • Access to one of nine Activity Content Blocks £90
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  • Previous full purchases of the PSN module £150 to access this updated version

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Online Module Access with or without Assessment

Thinking Critically

Refresh your critical thinking skills. This short module aims to support you to think rigorously using accepted scientific strategies, methodologies, and referencing techniques when evaluating the quality of evidence from a range of types of research and information sources. If you take this module with assessment you will have the opportinity to submit a referenced essay demonstrating the importance of effective digital search skills; and using examples explain what constitutes good science and what is not good science taking the importance of providing information emanating from research to the public in an ethical manner.

  • Full Module Access with Assessment: £200
  • Full Module Access without Assessment £120

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Online Module Access with or without Assessment

Research Methods

Advance your critical thinking skills. This module further develops the ideas of critical enquiry introduced during Thinking Critically. The module should further develop your understanding of the scientific method and the statistical approaches that underpin nutritional and biomedical research, patho-physiological reasoning and evidence based practice. This module also introduces systematic search strategies, critical appraisal forms, and the tools that can be used for the statistical analysis of research data. If taking this module with assessment you will have the opportunity to critique a human, animal and qualitative paper using critical analysis tools; use statistical software to analyse data and complete a table of results; and write a methodology for a mechanism review and meta-analysis.

  • Full Module Access with Assessment: £400
  • Full Module Access without Assessment 270

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Online Module Access with or without Assessment

Nutrition Enterprise

This module aims to consolidate the development of professional skills in preparation for the workplace and to increase awareness of the context of nutrition in the workplace, which may be varied and controversial.  Through development of a thorough understanding of the health and nutrition workplace environments, including corporate, clinical practice and community-based projects within local, national and international environments, the module will provide opportunities for students to evaluate the actions required to attain their professional goals.  If taking the module with assessment you would have the opportunity to generate a professional portfolio to demonstrate a range of experiences, competencies and skills iand via formulation of a network of contacts to enhance career options. You would have the opportunity to prepare a report detailing a business or project plan.

  • Full Module Access with Assessment: £500
  • Full Module Access without Assessment £370

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CNELM is a collaborative partner of Middlesex University (MDX). The undergraduate and postgraduate courses we teach are validated and  quality  assured by MDX. You will receive an MDX award on successful completion and be invited to attend a graduation ceremony at their campus.

The NTEC accredits courses for nutritional therapy. The BSc (Hons) Nutritional Science and the MSc/PG Dip in Personalised Nutrition combined with CNELM’s Personalised Nutrition Practice Diploma (PNPD) are accredited by NTEC.

The CNHC is the voluntary regulator for complementary therapists including Nutritional Therapists. Following successful completion of one of our accredited routes to nutritional therapy practice you will be eligible to apply to register with CNHC as a Nutritional Therapist.

BANT is a professional body for Nutritional Therapists that have completed NTEC accredited courses, or have demonstrated having met the NTEC Core Curriculum and National Occupational Standards set by Skills for Health for nutritional therapy. Practitioner members of BANT are required to register with the CNHC.

The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) has accredited CNELM’s Dietary Educator Certificate. On successful completion of this course you will be eligible to apply to register as a Dietary Educator with the FHT.

Students that meet verification standards for the ‘NLP Practitioner Certificate’ can apply to register with the Association for Neurolinguistic Programming ANLP.

Students registered with Qualifi that meet the outcomes of the Personalised Nutrition Practice Diploma (PNPD) Course assessed up to Level 6 will receive a Qualifi Endorsed Certificate. Qualifi is a recognised UK awarding organisation regulated in England by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).